Playing with Gmail


I got a chance to play a bit with Gmail today...

  • Holy crap it's fast.
  • I only had a dozen test mails in the system and I already felt like they were getting lost. Or I was getting lost. I think the "just search for stuff" approach will take a lot of getting used to.
  • What's with the top quoting?
  • It doesn't work with Safari.
  • I didn't realize how much I love the "quote selected text when you reply" feature of until I didn't have it here.
  • Man that's a lot of javascript.
  • And frames! Bloody frames everywhere.
  • It really doesn't work with Safari. I can login but not click on anything.
  • This is the least "web-like" web application I've seen. Ever.
  • Cool keyboard shortcuts everywhere. That works really well.
  • I don't care it's not web-like, this stuff works too well. As I said: Fast. It'll be interesting to see if it'll scale as well as their web search.
  • Lots of ideas to stealconsider for my next web application.
  • Will the billion kilobyte javascript make it slower on modem-speed connections? I should try it via GPRS ...
  • "six letter minimum" usernames, so no Suck.
  • I can't setup a signature?
  • How do you access Gmail when you are offline?
  • I'll stick with for now.
  • I can't decide if the Gmail interface is crazy or brilliant. If you vote crazy, then Fastmail is still be my recommendation if you need an email provider.
Update: I've been using it for my mail since this morning. Main complaints now:
1) Attachment handling is pretty poor, at least in my browser (Firefox on OS X). 2) The spamfilters are letting 10-25% of the spam into my inbox (I get much more spam than real mail to that address). I hope they learn from all the "this is spam" markings I'm doing. 3) The mail composing interface isn't great. They made everything else fancy, but composing is just a textarea.

As Justin pointed out, the constant show in context is really fantastic. You mark everything but the most utter junk as "archived" and when something new in the same thread comes in, it'll be shown in context of the archived mails. Having that in is now number 1 on my wishlist!

I'm also starting to like how it doesn't show quotes, but rather shows you the original mails in the thread. I want to subscribe to a busy mailing list and see how it manages the threads there ....


Yeah -- me too, still trying to decide if I like it or not.

I think (a) it needs to be more web-app-like -- "open in new window/tab" needs to work, which it doesn't now, and (b) the shortcuts just don't work when Firebird has typeahead search active :(

Pasting stuff from the interface is tricky, too, because of JS.

The threading is fantastic though.

ooooh. yeah, from looking over your shoulder, I was most impressed with the "show in context". tragic about Safari incompatibility, though.

Safari compatibility for Gmail is being worked on. That is to say, I'm working on it right this second. I've got it mainly working on a local build and am in talks with Apple about the rest...sorry for the delay.

--Chris Wetherell, Google User Interface Engineer.

Re: quotes
I found Gmail's approach to conversations makes it sort of unecessary to even include quotes in mails. This should end the Tofu debate. If only all the world already had their account :)

My Gmail coverage is at .

By the way, I linked to here. Thanks for the comments, Chris Wetherell.

Ah, that's great Chris. I was worried that Safari wouldn't support the DOM or Javascript or whatever you need well enough for it to work.

It was also good to see hints in your weblog that you are working on other (more weblike) user interfaces for gmail.

- ask

You wouldn't have any spare GMail invites around would ya? Would love to check it out! Thanks, Kevin

I cant open my gmail account on my computer! Help!

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