Tiny tiny 4GB hard drive


stampdrive.jpgSo you thought the 4GB IBM/Hitachi micro drives as used in the iPod mini are small?

Toshiba is making a 4GB drive that is only 2.1cm (0.85 inch) in diameter. (via Macminute)

Less than 10 years ago when I had my BBS and FidoNet hub "the Source!" (spelled that way) I had a much bigger disk with much less capacity that imploded. Henrik Jørgensen came to the rescue, lending me a 4GB scsi disk and a scsi controller so I could get up and running again. The drive was a "full height" 5.25" sized drive. It sounded like a small jet when it powered on and like a good size freight train while running. And of course I slept in the same room... But man, 4GB was ENORMOUS!


Truely impressive how large they can make dice nowadays ... ;-)

is it a realy big dice or a realy small hard drive

how much would a hard drive that big cost?

i have one about that size in my new mp4 player, it is incredible how they do it though

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