"Are we there yet? Are we there yet?!"

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On the way back from Telluride, CO Vani and I somehow got shuffled on a ~6 hour detour through "Grand Junction, CO". Not very excited about our 5 hour trip home turning into taking the whole day we were relatively grumpy. What happens when we get to Grand Junction Airport? We find an open wireless network from one of the car rental places and suddenly we are all sedated and the 2-3 hours we have to wait here doesn't seem so bad ... Vani got a powerbook for her birthday or some such from her mother, so we are geeking with two 12" powerbooks now. I think people roll their eyes when they see us. At least that's what they have done the whole week.

Vani is slightly miffed about missing something called the Superbowl. I already saw the Apple/iTunes/Pepsi ad so I don't understand what the big deal is.

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plzzzzzzzzzzz show me a way for going to orkut
because in our country they dont let us to go to yhis site they lock it

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