Merry Christmas

This year I'm going to celebrate christmas with Birla whom I've known since we were 6-7 years old. We went to school together for 12 years and now she ended up here in Los Angeles as well. What a small world it is sometimes. She is married to an Englishman and they are playing family in the hills nearby here. Visiting them some months ago I was quite amused by quizzing Birla "his or yours?" and be told "his" with things that would be very typically hers to get and have. (Large round mirror with a sun shine shaped frame - if you, dear reader, know her, then you know what I mean :-) )

I've bought unusually geeky presents this year; but of course I can't tell about those yet.

Funny, it looks like wednesday is weblog day for me this month. I have a few other stories queued up, for example about how I unintentionally got my 15 minutes of fame in the Danish media. I was even invited on a tv show if I had been over there for christmas rather than here... All very silly and quite amusing.

Happy holidays etcetera to everyone.

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