California Recall election


Don't forget to vote today if you are so enabled. The Sacramento Bee is reporting that recall polls are differing widely so your vote just might actually mean something!

Too tired to write anything sensible now, but in brief according to me you should vote:

  • No to proposition 53 (which will tie money to construction projects and thus make the politicians unable to juggle the budget from year to year -- no wonder they can't balance it with stuff like this). In my ignorance I didn't know about this, but Viridiana just explained it to me, of course it's entirely likely I got it wrong... mmnn).
  • No to proposition 54 (Racial Privacy Initiative). At first it might sound like this would give less discrimination, but it's the other way around. Please say no.
  • No to the recall. It's just wrong that anyone with a couple of million dollars can make this kind of chaos.
  • Vote on someone. With the current polls I'd probably put a not very enthusiastic vote for Bustamante. If the Arnold-Risk™ (RealVideo) wasn't looming over us I'd suggest voting for Camejo as his values fits much better with mine.

In any case, it'll be exciting to see how it goes.

If Davis is recalled, when will the next election be? (assuming we won't get yet another recall).

think tank coverEntirely unrelated, I was listening a bit to Henry Rollin's Think Tank again tonight. So much fun, so much energy. :-) I don't think I've listened to any of his spoken words for a couple of years, but listening to it again I memorize all too much of it... mmmmn, maybe I shouldn't have had it (and the other albums) on repeat so much in the past. :^)


What, you're not voting for Georgy?

I voted. In fact, I had considered Georgy early on, but had changed my mind out of practicality. Then I heard about her antics over this past weekend at an Arnie rally, and I'm glad I had already switched.

As for the next election, if Davis is recalled the next election will be whenever it would have been, otherwise. The "new" guv will serve out the remainder of this current term, then be eligible to run for re-election.

I voted Yes/Arnold/No/No. Looks like a lot of other people did too.

the terminator is now the governor. a body building baffoon has assumed california's most powerful position. where is the country going besides down the toilet?

Let's give Arnie a chance!

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