Got a haircut earlier today! The second in about a year (the other one was just before OSCON).

Viridiana stopped being amused by my "woooh, my hair is long enough that I can eat it" trick quite a while ago. And I must admit it was getting a bit old... :-) I regret not taking time to take a picture in the last week. I imagine I won't end up with that long hair again anytime soon if ever. Oh well, maybe I'll just have to let it grow long again to get a photo. ;-)

So I went to get it cut, and like Duncan I just asked for short and spiky. I got it cut by the same person who reorganized the chaos that was my hair in July. When I said I wanted it short this time she helpfully pointed out that it'd be a lot different.

So you want me to foo bar something something.

Sure that sounds great. I just want it back to short and spiky'ish. You know better what to do than I ever would.


And now my ears have been cold all day.


The Japanese have a saying: If you want to be happy for a day, get a haircut; if you want to be happy for a week, get married.


Do they have any just as funny and easily digestible advice on how to be happy for a month, a year or maybe even a whole life? :-)

- ask

top tip: I just get my girlfriend to cut it -- after a few teething issues, it's now Just Right. and super-cheap too!

Seems cutting hair seems harder than it really is...

haha, not for long hair! woohoo!
all i have to do is twist it around and slice a few inches off.. works every time. :oP

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