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stickyiSync is great. I use it very happily to sync phone numbers to my mobile phone and to keep bookmarks, calendar and the address book the same on the 'book and the mac at home.

I usually don't keep my todo list in iCal. It just doesn't quite work for me. Stickies are much better for me. But they are not synchronized. The alternative the stickies for me is to just keep the list as a text file on one of the Linux or FreeBSD boxes, but those tend to "get lost". So what I do is maintain the list in a sticky or three and then "sync" those once in a while with a text file... No, it doesn't work very well.

It would be so very nice if the stickies could be automatically synced between systems... Maybe some day.


yes, and they could sync with memo's on the palm, too. this is a big hole in apple's suite. there's ical and address book, but nothing for simple memos.

ctrl-click a sticky..."flag for sync with ipod/pda/phone/.mac"

That's what I'd like to see.

.mac is getting better and better, but I won't bite until they integrate stickies, so I can look at a sticky note from any computer. They're really not making the most of this program.

10.3 has the sync-able iDisk feature. Will this make it possible to sync the "stickies database" file between computers? i.e., on all my computers, I have the "stickies database" file point to the same file on my iDisk, then when changes are made to that file on my laptop, it uploads to idisk, then when I go to my desktop, I close stickies, sync my iDisk, and open stickies again? This isn't as elegant a solution as we'd like to see from Apple, but it's a start... if it works.

Just found this when searching for something other. I think it should be posible with a little cocoa app :-)

- stoffer

So is there a way I can sync my Stickies? Please help! Thanks, Juha

Well here's something you could try. Not the ideal solution, but maybe a good meanwhile measure.

I create special entries in my Address Book making the first name the title of my Memo/Sticky and then just type away into the Notes field at the bottom. If you place all these 'note' contacts into their own category, you end up with a list that looks a lot like the list of Memos once they're synced onto your Palm, and because both the Palm and Address Book hide unused fields, none of the phone and address stuff gets in the way. Also, use the 'groups' feature of Address Book to keep these special contacts from cluttering up the real thing.

Any good?

Syncronizing your Stickies is easily done by an application I found called StYNCies, which is free at available for download at
Hope that helps.

Can we sync stickies to the new i-phone

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