Grrrh! Deutsche Telekom AG hijacked my domain

They requested a domain transfer from OpenSRS. We may not have rejected it, but we (as the owner) never requested the transfer and we never approved DTAG to do it! They are only allowed to do the transfer on behalf of the owner (duh).

OpenSRS told me that they are required to do the transfer and Deutsche Telekom are required to keep on file the old information and the new information and then document how we requested the transfer. Which we didn't of course, so they'll have to give it back. But what a fucking pain!

I can see in the OpenSRS log that the theifs, Michael Schoenemann (aka and DT tried to transfer it some months ago where we rejected it from OpenSRS. No problomo, they'd just try again and again and again....

In the meantime the Metamark service is also at; and the urls at are of course unaffected.

I can't find a phone number on the Deutsche Telekom registrar site (maybe I could have if any click didn't lead me into frame and popup hell), but I sent them a mail in their contact form and when it's business hours there again I'll call and ask for their "compliance department" (on advice from OpenSRS). The T-Systems page is saying maybe we'll call you if you ask nicely. So I did, and other wise their press office has a phone number: +49 6151 680-22 10 (press office).

Any advice from someone who's parsing german better than I would be welcome.


Yay! thanks for the news... I was wondering what happened. :)

Want me to kick their ass for you?

That really angers me. Yet another clear case of large corporations taking advantage of individuals. The time will come when that won't be possible.

I could help you with the Telekom. A. I did grow up in germany. B. I work for a phone company right now... which means that I get free calls.

And last but not least... C. I am able to speak telekom-talk ;)

Shot me an e-mail and I will send you my phone number.

You could try calling +49(0)69 66531-0. I don't know if that number will lead you to the right organisation unit, but it at least seems to belong to T-Systems, who are responsible for moving domains at DTAG.

Good luck.

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