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I announced the CPAN Ratings site on use.perl. Lots of comments and suggestions there. More importantly, lots of good reviews. I'm grateful to everyone who contributed already. There are a couple of really, eh, "odd" reviews as well. Hopefully adding the "was this review helpful?" feature will help filter those out. Oh, and I added the links to the installation instructions right over the TODO list. Hint hint.

A Huge and Terrible Mess - Al Gore in a great speech to "Something basic has gone wrong in our country".

Ben & MenaSix Apart put TypePad into "preview release". I've been playing with it since the beta test (alpha? I forget) and I must say it's very very cool. And so pretty. They gave beta testers 20 "lifetime 20% discount codes". If I didn't already have plenty of servers and a nicely working slightly hacked MovableType installation I'd so be there.

Experimenting in groups, the quiet voices. How do you get the quiet people to participate more on your mailing list? How do you "make more room"? I'm not sure his ideas will apply as well to technical lists as they might to social lists, but the thoughts are very refreshing. (via Ben Hyde)

Ben also linked to an old article about an insanely stupid law in Florida. Really #$%#'ing disgusting. And Sad.

Alex Shaffer writes about a few similar stories. Comic Disbelief and Smut Patrol. Stories like that were more amusing when I was in Europe and could just laugh at the crazy Americans at a distance. Instead adding depressive links about the patriot act I'll send you to Alex's free fashion advice for ladies.

A link to the Guide to the Logical Fallacies is always nice. Slightly related and even more useful: Getting Past No (how to get your opponent to work with you) which is the followup to Getting to Yes ("Focus on Interets, not positions"). Both books are short and sweet. Very worthwhile.

Speaking of short and sweet. Almost two years ago I bought Shopgirl and I still remember it as very fun and enjoyable. Steve Martin is making it into a movie now, with Claire Danes staring as Mirabelle.

Ben also links to the tricolor salvage site. Bloody amazing. Some big container ship sank last year. It was on shallow water and ships were sailing into it, so now they sliced it up(!) to salvage it. (and photos).

Confessions of a Baggage Screener (elbows deep in underwear). See also Confessions of a Car Salesman. says that MSIE has a 95% market share. I'm happy to report that it's less than 60% at

people around me on friendster - I wanted to make something like this; it looks very neat.

Camera phones are getting a bad rep because people worry that they can be smuggled into places where photography isn't allowed. Some weeks ago a 15 year old used his cell phone camera against a guy who tried to abduct him and got the abductor arrested

As you might have seen Mark Frauenfelder and family moved to the South Pacific for a year. Now they found a house.

BBC proves that there is No Loch Ness Monster. At least we still have Sandy Claws!


I'm holding out for the custom domain option due real soon now. When that debuts I'm getting this for a friend. it is so perfect.

I'm thinking the photo blog option with password protect would be perfect for showcasing family photos without the hassle of email.

The people around me on friendster is neat. Have you seen the foafnaut?

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