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melrose signOne of the fun and interesting things about Southern California is the amazing diversity. We have people from all over the world, of all sizes and belief systems. I read somewhere that the Los Angeles school district has students speaking more than 200 different languages. I think that was even without counting many dialects.

In West Hollywood the police cars have rainbow colors. The russians are living next to the jewish neighborhood. There are a lot of senior citizens. And next to them are the gays. Small houses in the part where my (tiny and rent controlled) apartment is routinely go for $750,000 or more.

sunset_night.jpgAnyway, that's not the amusing thing I wanted to tell. This is the only place I know where there are more billboards with scantily clad men than women. Luckily for me there are plenty of scantily clad women in this town as well -- lots of eye candy for everyone.

And I mean everyone.

v: I put gas on the car on the way home. Across the street there's a club where a bunch of girls were going in, only wearing bikini tops, very short skirts and tall boots.
a: [enjoying the thought] uuh, and that's bad how?
v: I think they were men.

Update: It's raining! Incredible. It's July! Water is pouring from the sky. I don't know when that last happened. February? March? Oh, I think it stopped again already. Building a city in the middle of the desert is really not that smart.

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:) but you're living in the city in the middle of the desert...

Nice photos!

Nice pics...but you don't get snow. Without snow, its just not winter! :)

Wait...winter sucks. What am I arguing about?

I just found out, that my flat in central Copenhages includes a sundeck on 7th floor - a flat roof; yes I know, its not a skyscraper http://www.skyscrapers.com/re/en/wm/ci/100546/ but the views includes gladsaxe mast (coordinates) 837FT 676FT AGL LIH FLG W, the south water entrence and the towers of the middle age city. And my AirPort base station can supply the bandwidth. Sommertime is great 8-)

Elaine, I would have said something about just passing through, but I'm afraid I've already been here too long to use that excuse. Sadly it's not my photos, I wish they were. ;-)

Chris, I actually miss the winter. Or at least having seasons. Without seasons to help you navigate everything is just "a while ago". Of course I'm sure I'd stop missing winter really fast if I got back to it for more than a couple of weeks every once in a while. ;-)

- ask

Geile Fotos! Respekt.

> lots of eye candy for everyone.
Oh, thats a pity, that it is so far away!! ;)

> Sommertime is great
Yes it is! But it's at the end. :(
We had a very long summer this year, with the most sun-hours since 1900!! But yesterday morning it was terrible cold...
Ok. Everything has its end. But a long summertime is great!


Very expressive pics. Hello from Germany...


great Photos, I love this city

greetings from germany

Very nice city and very nice photos!

Hello from eastern germany!

>I love police cars in rainbow colours
Me too, its just not an ordinary blue...

happy photos!

That is bullshit! Diversity is horrible. How dare you promote this propagandelicious filth on here. Did you forget to include Minority incarceration? What about the hate crimes down here? What about examples of inequallities, such as affirmative action, or illegal immigrants rioting in the streets demanding "free" citizenship? Don't you EVER dare tell us diversity in California has made the nation one of the best. Millions of WHITE CALIFORNIANS fled the state within a few years AFTER they became the Minority. Don't you dare tell us "multiculturaism" is beautiful. We're billions in debt, crime will never cease. Policemen are being murdered and victimized in predominately HISPANIC/BLACK COMMUNITIES. Asians profit billions of dollars in the black market. Go ahead, spew out such nonsense. I, however, reside in a diverse society. In this society we face racial intimidation almost everyday. The gang-affiliation rate amongst Minorities has sky rocketed. Yes, diversity is unique. It's the growing disease in former white, propersous civilizations. www.whiterevolution.com We advocate peace and equality, not diversity, conflict, violent confrontations, perception of discrimination, drug distribution, rioting, looting, prejudice and gang alliances.
How dare you!

Dear Schlager,

That was a load of disgusting thoughts, opinions and ideas. I hope some day you'll feel better.

- ask

Very nice city and very nice photos!

Hello from germany!

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