Honda ad parody


I'm sure you remember the nifty Honda ad that was going the rounds a while ago.

Some people made an absolutely awesome parody. Much too cool. According to a comment on Johns weblog it's actually a commercial for something, and not just a parody.


118 118 is the new directory enquires number in the UK. These two 70s throwbacks have been hogging our screens here for the past few months.

The hair is the best part.

Thanks Martin, fixed.

Another comment I got via email (it wasn't clear if I could post it, so I'll leave the posters name out):


so a few years ago they decided that since the directory enquiries service was so bad they would start charging for it.

now that they realise no-one wants to pay for directory enquiries they have opened the market up to private companies that want to provide the service for less money.

I'm not sure how long it will take these firms to realise that no-one wents to pay for directory enquiries but I give it about 7 years.

at that point I expect some bright spark to suggest that the directory enquiries service go back to being free, and provided by the telephone company.


What I don't understand is why people want to call anyone up to get directory information instead of getting it online... (except if you are on the road with a phone without WAP).

warning: parody may not work in some browsers.

I determined... ;|

the link to the parody doesnt work o.O

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