Ponie & new www.perl.org


Ponie was announced Tuesday evening (use.perl) and we just opened up the new Perl site (use.perl). Yay. General laughter when we typed in the url as http://www.perl.org/index.php (no, it's not really PHP driven. We use Combust (Template Toolkit, POD, mod_perl, etc etc).


Spoke too soon! ;) "routine site maintainance" at the moment...

PS: Ask, what do you use to post to use.perl as well as your own blog?

what is funny is that http://www.perl.org/ returns the 'routine maintenance' page, but http://www.perl.org/index.php works just fine.

not for me -- I get maintainance on both...

Oops. I was editing our funky internal redirects from the stage and got confused by the aggressive transparent proxy on the network here. Should be fixed now! :^)


I use a little script using Net::Blogger for MT and use.perl, XMLRPC::Lite for Advogato and LJ::Simple for LiveJournal. :-)

- ask


We don't use PHP. It's a joke.

- ask

Hey ask,

Where's my firewire cable?????



Ask: I understand that, but I'm just curious why you picked PHP instead of, for example, ASP or ColdFusion :)


We didn't pick ASP because you can use ASP with Perl on Unix. ColdFusion? Didn't even think of that.

During the talk I also demonstrated by changing the url how our site is powered by index.py, index.jsp and other excellent (I'm sure) technologies.


- ask

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