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Taking off to Portland later pretty soon now. Viridiana will drive me to the airport. It's very nice of her. :^)

Usually when I go somewhere I bring a bunch of DVDs I don't get to watch anyway. This time I'm using DVD backup (OS X only) to store them on the powerbook (for the flight if I can't work or take a nap) and on the firewire drive I'm bringing.

I got a Firewire 800 (and 400 and USB 2) enclosure from Wiebetech a few days ago. It's really well made and faster than I had hoped. Viridiana even commented that it looks nice. They included not only all the cables you can possibly need to hook it up, but also MacDrive 5 so I can keep it HFS+ formatted and still hook it up to Viridianas win2000 box. Very cool.

As you might know, then my camera is unreasonably large. So far I've used a small Domke F3x bag, which just about not quite comfortably fit the 17-35mm lens, a smaller lens or the DV camera and the flash. After getting another lens I finally decided to try a bigger bag, so I got the Domke F4AF. Domke bags rock.

Now the really cool part. The bag is not that big, but the tiny powerbook still just fits in it. And yes, it even fits with the D1x, three lenses (a tiny, a small and a big one), DV camera, flash, extra battery, powerbook charger and some random accessories. Yes, it's pretty full but it works. Yay.

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I have that bag too! :) Domke bags are great but it still sucks to lug that puppy around an airport...especially when the bag is half as big as I am :) I never thought of putting the powerbook in it though....hmmm.

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