Can't breathe


Using an old 15" monitor I found in the closet now. It's tiny. I'm sure modern PDAs have better resolution. Actually, the monitor wasn't in the closet. But there's another one in there. And five old computers. Five! I think that's what Viridiana is talking about when she says I have too many computers. Which I don't. I only have what's most necessary. A FreeBSD box, a Linux box, the G4, Pismo powerbook (soon to enter the closet; I ordered a 12" Powerbook today, yay).

Anyway, that's not why I can't breathe. I can't breathe because it's about two million degrees in here. The G4 is bordering on don't touch me hot. I added more fans to the Linux box some months ago so it seems to be doing ok. The FreeBSD box is a 4Mhz Celeron, so it doesn't make much heat.

I made an appointment to get a haircut tomorrow. The first since sometime last year. It just barely doesn't go past my lips when I try to put it in my mouth, so no report on taste.

In other news

Hixie of Mozilla fame now works at Opera. That's a little bit funny.

David Hyatt (ex-Mozilla, now Safari fame) disabled comments on his site becuase people are rude.

Tim O'Reilly thinks All Software Should Be Network Aware - hear hear!

Chromatic read Slashdot and it wasn't pretty. So sad.

20 questions against AI (via Matt).

Dave Winer tells Aaron I'm going to bite back, so watch out Aaron. Really. He said that. And yes, Aaron was reasonable. Winer is such a nut.

Metamark is up to ~150k url expansions (that'd be when you click on a short url).

Since some days ago I have a livejournal so Jeff can read my ramblings (on his request; he must be crazy!). Yes, I am just mirroring what I have here, so if you clicked on the link and feel like you wasted your time I am sorry.

Must. Get. Back. To. Work.


I've gone from a 22" Apple Cinema Display to a 10" Sony Picturebook. From 1600x1024 to 1024x480. I feel your pain.

OTOH, I'm glad I had this computer to pull out of the closet when I needed it.

Casey, ok, I will stop whining now. :-) (of course it helps that I already ordered a replacement monitor).

If the powerbook comes tomorrow I can run 1024x768 on both the ibook and the CRT thing. Hmn... Who needs dual processors to surf the web and use emacs anyway.

- ask

Congratulations on the 12", you are going to *so* love it! I know I do (:

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