June 9th 1977


We had a picnic on the beach on Saturday, it was an amazing amount of fun. We ate, played volleyball, backgammon, chinese checkers and Set. When Viridiana and I got home in the early evening we instantly fell asleep.

It's my birthday today. It doesn't seem to matter all that much to me. Or maybe it does. My mom called right at midnight and Casper Bukh (last updated in 1999, time to update Casper!) and Tim Bunce were the first to write happy birthday emails which was very nice of them. That does matter to me very much. :-)

Oh, and someone wrote on ICQ, but I'm not sure who it was and I managed to close the window. Duh! Please write again!

Google found an article Casper wrote in SALT which you would have never thought would happen five years ago. Amazing. :-) I am very happy for him.

Leela talked about how making choices in life is hard because choosing something always implies not choosing something else. She reminded me that it only gets harder with age.

I am definitely closer to 30 than to 20 now. It is a bit overwhelming. The early twenties are long gone and the mid-twenties are slipping away. In 20 years the distinction will probably not seem all that significant, but in the present it's very easy to doubt your choices. At least for me.


Happy Birthday!

Woohoo! Another year down... :-)

Keep in mind you're only as old as you feel!
Happy birthday and regards from New York City!

Happy Birthday!

Endnu engang tillykke! Nu er du snart oldgammel. Fik du mit kort?


Happy Birthday!

> In 20 years the distinction will probably not seem all that significant

You will wonder, it's just the opposite :)

It's June 9, 2004 and today I am 50. Here's the difference: Before 40 you measure time by where you have been. After 40 you measure time by what you have left.

June 9th is my birthday too!!

June 9th 1966 David Reavis Jr. was born

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