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Very Funny Website, in passing:

"I wonder if this place used to be called 'French Wireless.'"
--A guy standing outside Freedom Wireless on Shattuck.

"How do I get to handbags?"
"Oh, they're on the lower level, you can go downstairs right over there."
"I'm afraid of down escalators! You need to respect the fact that some people are afraid of down escalators!"
"I'm so sorry Ma'am... I didn't consider that because you took the up escalator to arrive here just now. Er... the elevators are around the corner if you'd prefer that."
"Don't you know that down escalators is how you get to *looks side to side, then whispers* Hell?"
--An elderly woman and a clerk at Macy's

"We're not 'just like' your teacher. Think of us as more like your friends."
"Yeah, you know we're students. We have homework too, in college."
"Yeah, right. It's not as hard as mine."
--Two college-age girls, and a 8 or 9 year old boy, on the bus.

"Oh hey, you'll never guess who I married the other day? Alan! C'mon, you totally know him, he's your roommate."
--A woman talking on a cell phone outside Coffee Source

(via Brad DeLong)

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