Bluetooth fun


We are driving home on the freeway by the ocean, phone in the window, syncing my email in Bluetooth is so fun. Viridiana thinks I am a geek.

Update: Uuuh, online with iChat and Jabber too.


Here another t68i owner. 8)
Those scripts you use for one is that?


I use clicker

This one?

messagebox type!!!

---starting below---->

global currUnread
global checkMailDelay

set checkMailDelay to 10

set currUnread to 0
tell application "Mail"
      check for new mail
      delay checkMailDelay
      set everyAccount to every account
      repeat with eachAccount in everyAccount
            set everyMailbox to every mailbox of eachAccount
            repeat with eachMailbox in everyMailbox
                  if name of eachMailbox is "Inbox" then
                        set unreadCount to unread count of eachMailbox
                  end if
            end repeat
            set currUnread to (currUnread + unreadCount)
       end repeat

       return {"New Emails", (currUnread as string)}
end tell

Very neat. I only use it to get online with the powerbook.


Hey, i just bout a sony e t68i for £30 are they any good and did i get a good deal??

You got a very good deal - mine cost me £80 with a camera. But the screen isn't too brilliant and the processor lags. I prefer the Sharp models, although you can't silence the camera and most don't have true zoom.

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