Network Solutions sucks so badly


Okay, so you already knew that. I just have to vent for a second.

We were transferring the domain to OpenSRS from Network Solutions. The admin contact for the domain approved the transfer within a few hours; leaving us to wait "up to a week" for the original registrar to approve it too. Of course those #@$%@# scum at network solutions wait a week and then reject the transfer for no particular reason. The message is that we need to contact them to find out why. Great!

I hope NetSol have improved on their previous record of not replying to email and not picking up the phone. The domain expires in about 6 weeks. It would be just like them to wait until it's close enough that we'll have to pay them for another year. Grrrh.

Update: To my amazement I did get a reply from NetSol within 24 hours and so far they are either not completely evil or concealing their malintent very well. Maybe they have cleaned up their act, but have so much bad karma from the past following them that noone will believe them for the next 30 years? If only the same could happen to lying elected officials.


When I moved from netsol to an OpenSRS registrar... netsol mysteriously reported that I had personally declined the transfer three times. Thankfully, the new registrar had gone through this many many many times with NetSol, and just kept submitting the paperwork calmly and quietly. On the fourth time, I actually saw my first NetSol email, which I confirmed, then had to confirm another posting, then another, then another, and then finally I was away!


It has occurred to me more than once, that if NetSol had its collective act together there'd be a lot fewer people willing to leave, price issues notwithstanding.

All they continue to do is shoot themselves in the foot. I'm amazed that anyone is *still* using them.

I went through a little slice of hell when I transferred The original ISP had registered it in *their* name rather than mine. Since at the end, I'd owed them some money (and was utterly broke at the time) there wasn't much I could do. They agreed to accept and approve anything NetSol sent them with regards to re-registration, but that never seemed to materialize.

I went through a little personal slice of hell when it expired, and I was waiting for Dotster to confirm that they were able to grab it. *long sigh of relief*

Dotster's been great since then. Occasionally I get a newsletter from 'em. Using ZoneEdit for moving the domain around with me, and for the rather easy MailForward feature, and things have been much easier.

I still would like to set up my own box as the MX though. webmaster* has been a dead address AFAIC for over three years.. during the 2 years that the domain was offline, apparently the korean spammers still had that address, and as soon as I was hooked back up again? BLAM with the spam in the inbox.

If only MailForward would let me either blackhole or reject mail to certain addresses right at the server before it goes any further. They even found a single usenet post from years ago, addressed with 'we.accept.nospam' as the username and they tried it ... didn't even filter out the 'nospam' part.

Thank god for Mail::SpamAssassin and Vipul's Razor is all I have to say. I might have to change my address to and blackhole everything else.

I AM surprised that NetSol hasn't even dropped its price any since all the baby registrars sprung up, though. That seems kinda odd.

Just last month, I finally managed to extract the last domain name of mine that remained in Wontwork Obstructions' hands. It took several weeks, but I started two months before expiration since I knew what I was in for. Surpisingly, I was able to talk to a human in under a minute each time I called, which was a vast improvement over my past experience with their phone support. Unsurprisingly, it still took half a dozen calls to actually get the transfer approval completed. NPSIS (my OpenSRS registrar) was patient and understanding throughout the ordeal.

I love network solutions. There customer support is #1. The employees do there best to follow the policies when it comes to transfering out. So ya'll better get your facts straight before you leave this great company. Any way... You'll be back, or sorry that you left ;p

I put in a request to change my Verisign hosted commerical website to a Network Solutions hosted website which Network Solutions calls a "retail" account. I was told it would take three days to process. While I found this an unbelievably lengthy period of time to switch a few buttons, I agreed and waited to make the change over the Thanksgiving weekend. The "customer service" (I use that term lightly) agent didn't seem to really know what he was doing, so the Friday after Thanksgiving I called to check on the status of my request. It hadn't been processed. I spoke to three different people over the course of the next two business days, including one escalation manager who was only mildly more useful than the first two knuckleheads. Finally I spoke to a young lady named Maria. Maria wasn't any better about getting things done, but she did have good customer service. She regularly e-mailed me and even called me several times to communicate the status of my account transfer order. It's been 8 days and I'm still waiting. Network Solutions should put some of all this "new technology" to use. Changing a hosting (especially from one division of the same company to the other) shouldn't take so long. And being the low-bid service provider doesn't do you any good if your customer service stinks -- just ask K-mart.

We have been trying to transfer these domains from Netsol to Bulkregister for quite a awhile, reason we do not want to use Netsol as our registrar is lack of customer support, update and changes requests never performed or done in a timely manner. Website is difficult to manage and a variety of misc other instances where they have failed us. Bulkregister allows access to our domains, we are allowed to make changes which get done in a timely manner, customer support is very helpful etc..

I had placed several request thru bulkregister of our desire to transfer domains from netsol to Bulkregister starting about 2 months ago, at that time the domains were not expired and were up to date. We would receive emails from BR stating that the request was not made due to the fact that no response was received. The problems was AOL was not allowing the emails to go thru for some reason, so we changed the emails at Netsol (again the domains were still active) we resubmitted the request, and yet again we continued to receive no response emails. We finally found out that Netsol had not updated the emails on our account. Please understand that thru all these requests I had made several phone calls to both companies trying to push this thru. Netsol would offer no help just matter of fact statements that they never received the requests and so on. I had to request that they update the emails on our account with the correct one (a non AOL email address) which they finally did so. Again we resubmitted the request to transfer, received the email and approved it. But to our disappointment we received an email from Netsol stating that the domains have expired. I called Netsol customer support explained to them that due to email being blocked by AOL, and the delays with updating our email address we could not get the domain transferred in time what can they do for us, maybe temporarily place it paid status so we can transfer or help in any way. They responded that its not their fault that is the way the system works and we would have to pay again for a year just to transfer it away from them. I am honestly upset with the fact that Netsol dragged their feet in updating the email address, if the request had been done in a timely manner we could have had these domains transferred by now. I refuse to pay Netsol any renewal fees and take the risk of losing the domains entirely while I wait to renew them when they become available again. I do not feel Netsol is only interested in their bottom dollar and not the customer??s interest. And also feel that this situation was handled very poorly, will legally retaliate in any way I can find from now onfrom posting complaints here to public forums and blogs as well.

Alex Carbonell

NETWORK SOLUTIONS is a dog -shit company with no service. Even worse they have retarded service. You can't even delete domain names if you have a VIP. account.

NETWORK SOLUTIONS go fuck yourself sleazebags!

(posted from

Networ solutions doesn't just suck for domain transfers. This is the second time in a year that Network solutions has screwed up their regular maintinance of their email and caused me to have no e-mail access for over a week. Avoid Network Solutions at all cost. Transfering a domain name is a pain but you can not put a cost on your e-mail being inaccessable days to weeks at a time. An Internet company that can't keep e-mail working....They really must SUCK!!!!!!!!!!

No, Network Solutions still is a pain in the arse... simple stuff eludes customer service capabilities. Maybe they're paid per e-mail reply, rather than effectiveness at answering direct, simple questions.

1&1 is teh BEST!!!!

I was advised by Network Solutions to upgrade to their new, fancier "ImageCafe" web site maintenance package. It looks better, but it isn't working. The drop-down menus don't work and a large frame has appeared around all the pages. I notified NetSol of the problem and they called back to sell me another product, to protect my privacy. I bought the product hoping that this would help me get a callback from Engineering. It is three days later and no callback. I am going to post this on a different NetSolSucks site every day until they call back. Meanwhile I am investigating getting another web host. HELP!

I agree, Network solutions is NOT a solution at all. I can't even delete an account with them after we transferred our domains to another registrar. I go back and ask them to delete the account (since there's not option within your account to do so) and they keep sending me crap like how to take your email off of their newsletter list or how to change your contact info name. I directly requested to remove our account with them since we no longer need their overpriced services and spam mail problems they send their own customers. I am still getting the run around. What a horrible company. STAY AWAY from Network Solutions at all costs. You'll be happier in the end to take that advice.

I've moved over 40 domains off of NetSol. It is so bad, I will not maintain or host a site that has NS for a registrar.

I have been working for two months to get my most recent victim out of their clutches. You know it's bad when other registrars post on their website how to unlock an account trapped in NS hell.

Then, much to my surprise, I received a customer service survey from them. Mind you, the 40 previous ones I've participated in have been given the worst rating possible.

One survey was so bad that the telemarketer admitted she had never heard one nice thing about them, and people were prone to screaming into the phone at her when she asked about the quality of the service.

Guess what? Networst Solutions was asking what I would think if they changed their name and identity to -- would I still associate them as being Networst Solutions? The entire survey was to determine how they could reinvent themselves so I would realize it was the same worthless, sucky company.

So they KNOW they have problems, they've known it for years, but they choose not to fix the problems (which has never been an issue of money, but lousy customer support and an unworkable website).

Their approach is to not fix their crappy website, their deplorable system, their despicable hostage taking, but to make a new name and logo.


I waned to officially jump on this bandwagon and state that NetworkSolutions for web/email hosting has got to be the worst host I have come across in over 10 years of working with the internet.

I just recently switched to NetSol due to problems at my current host, after they were bought out
by a larger company, and ended up with the new owner's traffic related problems.

In thinking that switching to NetSol would make things better/faster/more reliable, I went over to NetSol and prepared to "switch" my services to NetSol after the end of business day Friday (yes Yesterday).

For those of you who know "how things work" you know your biggest problem, after changing hosts is DNS Propagation, right?

Well guess what, NetSol was already managing my DNS so that part at least internally to NetSol and the major DNS servers, should have been "easy" and guess what, it was!

What's the problem?

Although I have the "internal" address to my site/server WITHIN the netsol network, and every DNS server I check on has the new IP's/HOSTS WITHIN NetSol, NetworkSolutions is NOT able to get the site accessible within their own network, with their own DNS servers?!?!?!??!

Does that make any sense?

I have had my share of hosts in over 10 years, for myself as well as my clients. It makes no sense that a site, internal to ANY host has all of the DNS servers pointing to it, and can't have the site/email available?!?!??!

After calling NetSol several times, during the switch over process (and of course, only speaking with the overseas call center in India) and all I could get was "It will take 24-48 hours for the site/services to be available".

I even ran them through the paces,
(1) The internal site is running
(2) NetSol DNS servers are pointing to NetSol hosting services
(3) Most public DNS servers are pointing to NetSol hosting
(4) The site would be working at any other host

THEY AGREED! Can you imagine?????

Anyhow... what I plan to do now is wait the switch over, switch to their Advanced DNS Services, which will then make additional changes in DNS records/hosting much quicker, get another host, and switch away from NetSol in the next week or two...

Sheesh, you think you go with the "best" and you get the "worst".

Also.... Their "hosting control panel" has got to be the biggest joke I have ever seen, let me know if you want to know about that.


networksolutions hosting sucks!

Just echoing more of the above.

Stay as far away from Network Solutions as you can. I'm trying to transfer my domain away from them and am getting a complete run around from their customer service department. Long story short: After contacting their support department, being very clear about my intention and desires, and following (dubious) instructions to the letter, they've now put a 60-day transfer lock on the account.

What little useful functionality they have on their website is BURIED amid dozens of annoying promotions for useless features, their service is overpriced, and their customer support department is either completely incompetent or downright deceptive. I'm not sure which.

Network Solutions is top notch as long as customers do THEIR part in taking care of their product and keeping their info updated. No company is magic or instantaneous, and with any company, you get what you pay for. They have the nicest phone support, and the most helpful. Their policies are so secure. They aren't babysitters, and customers aren't children, even though they tend to act like it. No one ever got anywhere by publicly whining. :)

I honesty think WHY have to host with network solutions when there is so many good and awsome hosting servers out there like: godaddy, hostgator, 1and1, etc. ??

I host with 1and1 ad is so cheap and the customer service is awsome, I have total control over my domains and hosting.

I stop doing business with network solutions years ago and report them

Networksolutions advertise so much that's why they still have so many frustrated customers, I think all of them specially those that doesn't know to much about hosting like my uncle that falls for network solutions and I have to rescue him.

Whatever you do, DO NOT DO A DOMAIN SEARCH THROUGH NETWORK SOLUTIONS!!! Trust me, you'll either regret it or be forced to host a domain with them.

Found this link:

They are really bad, Everytime i need to transfer a domain registered with them I need to send a copy of my drivers licence, I have one domain that I used in 1993 and let expire and the contacts were all there (at the domain i registered when I started web design) so I need to again send a email change fax with licence to them.. I already know it wont work because it says they will send the request to the old unusable email what a bunch of simple losers they are.. I should just try to talk my netsol clients into getting new domain names,, :(

My dear good friend I would rather die than being a customer at networksolution.

My account got stolen and THEY DID NOTHING. NOTHING NOTHING AT ALL to get it. I had every single information. All the facts were with me and against the hijacker still for 1 week they told me to fax here, email here and call here. Nobody helped me. The hijacker got my domains and my account. Even I sent my passport scan and all the needed files still these guys did not help me out.

I warn everyone to stay away from NETWORK SOLUTION. They are PURE EVIL.

Their customer support is awful besides 1-2 who really try to help you, others just waste your time sending you from place to place.

I hope these guys go to hell. Netsol really knows how to make their customers scream and run away. Their whole system is the worst I have ever seen..

I will surely blog about them to let people know why they suck so bad and nobody should use them.

I had my deal closed for a large sum, when Networse locked my site for transfer for 30 days!
After many emails, never answered, and phone calls i was told they would release it in 24 hours, when that didn't happen I contacted them again and they said 24 BUSINESS HOURS!
THAT'S 3 DAYS! If my buyer walks away they are to blame!
I will never use them again, ever

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