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[Lilja 4-ever poster]I had written a semi long review of Lilja 4-ever by Lukas Moodysson when Camino decided to crash. Grrh. That should teach me to avoid the distributors flash infested website.

The movie opens with Lilja battered and on the run to loud Rammstein music, and that's about the most hopeful that happens in the whole movie. It's the most painful movie you'll see in a while, but also one of the best. Go and see it, it will only play for a short time. (Until Thursday at the Nuart Theatre here in Los Angeles). It plays in New York also and will play in Seattle soon.

Now read James Berardinelli's review or the L.A. Times review.

If after reading the reviews you are thinking "hey, I don't have to see that. I don't have the energy. I want to be entertained; not moved. I don't want to remember, just have fun for a couple of hours" - or maybe you don't think it's such a good choice for a first date movie (you would be right about that). Then go and see Bend it like Beckham which is just nice happy cute plain fun.

If you are up for it, I really recommend Lilya 4-ever (showtimes).


Wow, that was good. I saw it at the Nuart before it left after reading your post. I'm afraid not all the friends who accompanied me enjoyed it, but I thought it was rather solid. I especially enjoyed its use of music. Also, its use of more than one non-english language was refreshing :)

Thanks for the recommendation.

I'm glad you liked it Greg.

Even if some of your friends didn't enjoy it, at least you know they won't forgot it right away. :-)

- ask

that was great!But I'm realy chagrin becuase in all filn was not mark country lithuania!!this film was lean real facts from lithuanian woman life, but in all film was talkink just abaot russia
I am sorry for mistakes

You mean, this is really a great movie? Ok, then I have to look out, when it starts in Germany!! ;)


does someone have e-mail address of direcotr lukas moodysson?

correct e-mail
looking for e-mail of lukas moodysson

All Gymnasie-students (college-students) in Sweden will see it in school, and discuss it. We did yesterday. It was very moving and tradic. I've heard it's based on a true story. Hopefully it will open our eyes, and prevent some from hurting others.

What really makes the movie so fantastic is the head actress Oksana.
If you want more of her go see the russian film "Sisters" which is also great.


It's more cool than Irreversible, isn't it?

it was wonderful, shocking for soms
but I liked it a lot

I think that the movie was very good indeed but i feel so sry for Lilja .... And i still do..Dunno what to do

I'm Lithuanian and this film is a real story about Lithuanian girl (not russian and not latvian!!!!! don't get it fucked up!!!! )... i'm sorry for not very nice words, but I'm really angry when people show how uneducated they are and don't know that LATVIA, LITHUANIA and RUSSIA are not the same countries... Another thing - I don't understand: if the film is about Lithuanian girl, why is the language of the film - russian?
and the third thing - ok I'm from eastern europe and I just hate when films shows the worst side of Eastern Europe, so just don't think that all the eastern Europe is the same "shit" as it is in that film, cos as I see we are more educated, at least we know our countries-neigbours

Can someone tell me the title of the Rammstein song and the techno song? :)

Can someone e-mail me Lukas Moodysson's e-mail address? I just saw a movie Lilya 4-ever and have to write Lukas. The film made a lasting impression on me.
my e-mail address:

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