Röyksopp and crime links - war crimes, that is


france liberty vandalized On KCRW's New Ground the two Norwegians from Röyksopp where in the studio with Chris Douridas. It was awesome. I need to order their new album Melody A.M.. BBC reviewed it. What does Röyksopp mean? Smoke soup is the only thing I can think of? They said it had multiple meanings. What are they?

New daily read: This Modern World. Dan Perkins won one of the Robert F. Kenedy Journalism Awards. “This Modern World” by Dan Perkins (alias “Tom Tomorrow”) showcases multilayered satirical commentary on economic inequality in the United States, as well as the inaction of the politicians who have the power to change it. Perkins’ body of work also addresses subjects such as access to health care and the gradual erosion of civil liberties in today’s post-9/11 world.

Rubber bullets really hurts.

What is Victorias Secret? (via John Engler)

Barbara Bush (wife of the former president) on watching television:
why should we hear about body bags and deaths and how many, what day it's going to happen, and how many this or what do you suppose? Oh, I mean, it's, not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that? And watch him suffer."

War crimes in Afganistan. US forces were on the scene when possibly more than 1,000 prisoners were killed. [...] The POWs got stuffed into sealed cargo containers for days with no water. In the desert. Many of them suffocated. The rest got burried in mass graves with the dead.

One Rule for Them - Guantanamo versus Geneva: Five PoWs are mistreated in Iraq and the US cries foul. What about Guantanamo Bay?
This being so, Rumsfeld had better watch his back. For this enthusiastic convert to the cause of legal warfare is, as head of the defence department, responsible for a series of crimes sufficient, were he ever to be tried, to put him away for the rest of his natural life.

His prison camp in Guantanamo Bay, in Cuba, where 641 men (nine of whom are British citizens) are held, breaches no fewer than 15 articles of the third convention. The US government broke the first of these (article 13) as soon as the prisoners arrived, by displaying them, just as the Iraqis have done, on television. In this case, however, they were not encouraged to address the cameras. They were kneeling on the ground, hands tied behind their backs, wearing blacked-out goggles and earphones. In breach of article 18, they had been stripped of their own clothes and deprived of their possessions. They were then interned in a penitentiary (against article 22), where they were denied proper mess facilities (26), canteens (28), religious premises (34), opportunities for physical exercise (38), access to the text of the convention (41), freedom to write to their families (70 and 71) and parcels of food and books (72).
(via jwz)


Röyksopp = mushroom cloud. (Like from an atomic bomb). Not sure about the multiple meanings though. Maybe there's some mushroom called "röyksopp"? :)


Röyksopp directly translated is "smoke mushroom" which also could be interpreted as "get high", I guess. (Though I'm not sure if you actually get high from *smoking* shroom)

I'm sure Ask can tell us if you get high from smoking a mushroom. He's gotta be high for all the liberal reporting he's been doing.

Ask, I'm truely glad that the people of Iraq have the freedom to post their views on the internet, something that was forbidden before. You liberals are all the same. Ask yourself this (ask Ask) why is it that you get to enjoy all this freedom but the people of Iraq must be made to suffer, clearly they're entitled to the same liberty you're enjoying in this country?

Wow, that 'Victoria Secret' thing is awesome, my wife works in public health, and she'll love that. Have you checked out www.adbusters.org? It has some of the same kind of things, very cool.

TLJ: Thanks for the translations; I would never have guessed although in retrospect it's pretty obvious.

"Sun Temple": Strawman! I'm not going to spend more time on your silly rhetorics than that.

Jeremiah: Yes, it is awesome. I hope your wife will enjoy it too. I haven't checked out adbusters for far too long, thanks for reminding me. :-)

- ask

'Melody AM' is fantastic, I've been listening to that and The Streets in heavy rotation on my xmms. ;)

Röyksopp (or, in Norwegian: røyksopp) is also a type of mushroom. You can eat it, and no, it won't get you high. The name of the shroom comes from the fact that if you step on one, you unleash a big cloud of spores.

I found some pictures and stuff if any of you want to see:

I believe there also is a mushroom called Röksopp in swedish, but I'm no mushroom expert

Apart from mushroom cloud, Röyksopp (in Norwegian letters: røyksopp) simply means a puffball mushroom.

Röyksopp or röksvamp as we call it in Sweden is simply a mushroom that grows in our forests which gives away some kind of powder when you step on it, like a small cloud... Thats why its called "röksvamp" or in english smoke-mushroom..

in england theyre called puffballs

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