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| 4 Comments provides "true random numbers" via web forms, CORPA and REST (http). The Danish TV station TV2 is (was?) using the service for an online game. People use their service for all sorts of weird stuff.

And something completely different. Apple posted developer notes for my PowerMac. The two USB ports have separate "root hubs", but all three FireWire ports (2x400 and the 800 port) are sharing the same FireWire bus. Does that mean that a saturated 800Mbit port degrades the performance of the 400Mbit ports?


"true random numbers" - wow!!
I ever wanted an own random number! Finally I'll get one!! Hopefully!
Great service! I did'nt know where I'd get a random number from!!


A couple of days later...
I think it may be a good resource to get the Lotto numbers! :)

do you know the function RND ??? ;-))

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