Downloading RH 9 with BitTorrent


Downloading RH from RedHat Network was so slow that it maybe would have finished sometime tomorrow afternoon. I was probably not the only one trying. ;-)

The files should be available with BitTorrent I thought, and guess what - they are! ~40 minutes later and I have 1.8GB .iso files. I was downloading with +6Mbit/sec most of the time (no, not from my DSL - I wish).

According to the BitTorrent Files for Slashdot Effect Victims page the files has been downloaded a thousand times with BT, for a total of 2.74TiB. Download speed now is 187.40Mb/s. Wow. (Does those numbers add up? Doesn't matter, they are already much higher).

They also have graphs showing that BT is doing by far more traffic than ever now. It's very cool. Go and try it now.


So you're the reason that I was downloading at less than 50k/s*! Bastard! :)


is this even better than Edonkey/Emule?

There are more and more sites offering Linux versions using Bittorrent :) saw some at

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