Israeli bulldozer kills young American, not a single blip from the major US media


Rachel Corrie killed by Israeli bulldozerFrom Leonard:

Interesting that a search for Rachel Corrie turns up nothing from any of the major US news outlets. Here's a news flash, we don't need you. [warning, some images are semi-graphic]

In other news, IOF Assassinate 2 Palestinians, Extend Closure Indefinitely, BBC rouses anger by 'burying' documentary on Israel [...]

I lack words. Again. (That's why I just copied Leonard's entry word for word, link for link). In the photo Rachel's friends are tending to her after she got crushed. From seeing the other photos I find it hard to believe she's still alive in this one (if she is).

Update: Readers point out that it indeed has been covered a bit, it's just hiding it on page umpteen. (On the previous ~10 pages I only see references to what looks like small obscure outlets mostly in Arabic countries and in small American towns).

In regional (at least this state) news, Raph Levien got Arrested for peaceful pro.


A search for "Rachel Corrie" on the Guardian website shows that they have carried a number of stories about Rachel and her death over the last couple of weeks.

Israeli army bulldozer crushes US peace protester in Gaza Strip,3604,915711,00.html

Rachel's War,3604,916246,00.html

Rachel's Was (additional emails),2763,916885,00.html

Activist's memorial service disrupted,3604,917119,00.html

Rachel's last mail,3604,917749,00.html

Remembering Rachel,3604,917893,00.html

That's funny, that search turns up dozens of American Media links for me, including ABC News, NPR News, every major American Newspaper. Also, there must be something wrong with, because a quick search on,, and the subscriber-only site also turn it up. In fact, I can't find an American News site that doesn't turn it up on a site search.

I heard about it on my American Radio, saw it on American TV (Fox News even!) and read in my American local paper.

Why does this Leonard guy lie about something that is so easily checked? I guess he just thought that most people would be too lazy to check for it themselves.

Here's just a few links, found on, to American media:,2933,81239,00.html,1413,204~21474~1249229,00.html

Here's some Major American media that I found myself outside of

If you want to investigate a media fix, you'll check out why these outlets you quote show horrible, graphic pictures of Rachel Corrie, but NO MEDIA in the WORLD (to my knowledge), would show the result of the people who jumped to their death from the World Trade Center on 9/11.

Dave, no surprise there

Jordan, I am truly glad to be wrong about the media here completely ignoring it. Although I was hoping they were ignoring it because it wasn't true. I didn't see any of the big outlets showing up until page 9 or so; on the pages before that it's mostly stories from Arabic countries (no way to judge their size) and from newspapers in small towns here.

Thanks for the links to both of you. It's frustrating to read knowing that we are so very far from getting any change in the area. All the horrors the people there experience (on the Israeli side too) and the danger we get in by giving so many people so much reason to hate the United States (and maybe the UK too now?)


Don't you realize that you are just spoon-fed the anti-establishment lies and you eat it with gusto? I like how you buried your statement that you were completely and uttterly and absolutely and totally full of crap in a small update at the bottom of your message.

But of course you anti-establishment types don't actually want to deal with reality -- just ideals and your own manufactured garbage.

"Page umpteen"? When the news first broke, it was on the front page of Google News for several hours. That's where I first heard about it. Google had prominent links to national, international, and local (Olympia/Seattle) stories. I later heard about it via NPR (US National Public Radio) and CBC (national Canadian Broadcasting Corp).

The reason you don't see big outlets early in the search results now is that Google News searching gives newer stories more weight. The major media outlets had the story right away, so their stories are now the oldest. The small-town papers picked the story off the wire twelve or twenty-four hours later, so they are now the "fresh" source.

Well, why should the media cover her death any more thoroughly than any of the unarmed people the Israeli forces call 'unfortunate accidents'? Every story reported this incident a little differently but no country can call itself civilised when it has a military who uses a bulldozer to murder an unarmed woman by running over her one or more times with malice and intent to kill. I'll be very glad when I'm no longer paying taxes in the US which go to help fund such activities.

I experienced the same thing when I searched for major news outlets the first time.

I had the same suspicion at first but when I played with the search words I did find mainstream reporting.

My politics fall to the right.


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