New Safari builds

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Before Safari build 60 was released I saw all build 58, 59 and a bunch of earlier builds in my logs, mostly from IPs.

$ grep Safari * | perl -pe 's/.*(AppleWeb.*)/$1/' | sort -u | tail -1
AppleWebKit/62 (like Gecko) Safari/62"

Amusingly it's not from 17.* IP addresses (Apple), or even IPs that looks like they are from California.

ThinkSecret posted a report about build 62 saying that it has tabs (yay). Maybe it leaked?

ObSafari: Neato trick. Shut down Safari and run from a terminal window:

defaults write IncludeDebugMenu 1

Watch a useless Debug menu show up. You'll like it. You'll feel geekier.

Update: So I don't use Chimera/Camino/whatever they renamed it anymore. Do I miss my tabs?

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