Red Balloons


red balloons
Last Friday, for valentines, Viridiana got me all these red balloons. We are so wonderful geeks that we spent probably far too long photographing the balloons. Very Fun. I had the nerve to suggest that maybe some of them should have been blue, because I like blue. I'm the only one I know who regularly wears blue tennis shoes, socks, jeans, sweater and eyes without thinking it is weird at all.

On Saturday we went to Joaquins Big Oh-One, as the invitation said. Joaquin is the now one year old son of Nick and Raquel. Nick and Raquel took care of me when I first came to California. They are very kind and generous people. They made sure I ate every day and things like that. I worked with Nick, indeed he was the one who got me to come over here in the first place. Him and the weather. It was February and the weather in Santa Barbara was in distinct contrast to the weather in Copenhagen at the time. My verbal English was not exactly exquisite when I landed first, and not only because my flights were so delayed that it took me more than 25 hours from door to door.

When I arrived I spoke Danish and Perl. Luckily I was wanted for my skills in the latter. It's four years ago and my English is much better now. And when I really concentrate I understand a bit of Spanish; but really much less than I should. My Danish has deteriorated a bit, but my Perl has improved a lot, so I think it's all for the better.

Nick thinks having a weblog is incredibly silly. I wonder if it's a bit like mobile phones, where everyone will have one eventually even if they at first laugh out loud at the very idea. Viridiana already knows better, so we are going to setup one for her very soon. The Guardian knows that in the future news spreads on the web first (for better or for worse).


Well, I'm flatttered to be mentioned in busy Ask's blog. But I want to clarify one thing: I didn't say that blogs are incredibly silly, exactly. What i said was that it is interesting because all through history one's journal has always been a private log, a place to tell secrets, and record feelings you >don't< want to share with anyone. Whereas the blog is the opposite: you are deliberately putting on public -- the most public -- display the parts of your life that you record, often the really mundane and not so interesting bits of your lofe. SO I said it was interesting and some anthropologist should look into it, that's all.



Hej Ask!

Sikken et dejligt billede af ballonger. Skal du sende det til mac's postkort? det ville pynte der. de har et andet ballongbillede, som er meget.

hvad er "blog"? og var det en fin fest for Joaquin?

fra din uvidende og interesserede mor,

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