The first patent case


axe stone"In the case of Thor vs. Ug, wherein Thor, holder of patent 0000000001 for Method and Apparatus to Kill Large Beasts for Purposes of Eating, as implemented by Heavy Rock on End of Stick, contends that Ug has contravened the Digital Millennium Copyright Act by disassembling Heavy Rock on Stick to make Pointed Rock on Stick, and that method of Poking Beasts Until Dead is essentially a foreseen variation of Hitting Beasts Until Dead, the Appeals court has ruled in Thor's benefit.

Punitive damages assessed in the amount of 1 (One) Beast from each family descended from Ug are due to the family descendants of Thor."

(via Thomas Jakobsen in a private newsgroup; illustration from someones pages on stone age hand-axes)


Ah! And is this the reason (this patent) why they had to develop weapons of metal?? ;)

I mean, if the usage of this weapon is blocked for others (because of the patent), ...
In that case it was an innovation driver. Today patents are innovation blockers. But this is another story.

typical that the first is a weapon

It also can be a normal tool - not everything is a weapon

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