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istedgade mozartvej still

Gustav made a small ~12 second clip of his bicycle trip to visit some friends. It's very neat. He sent me to Final Cut Pro project file and the OfflineRT media, and I cut a new version (MPEG-4 Quicktime) that grooves a bit better with the music. There are still a few things I'd like to change, but it must stop somewhere. :-)

I made a good set of "embed tags" that made the quicktime player show the jpg and then the movie when you click on it. But I could not make it not suck on my Linux box and having the mpeg 4 file downloadable might make it easier to get it to play without quicktime. Mplayer seems to play the video, but not the mpeg4 audio. Hmpfr.


Besides the last traffic light, where the light is actually more yellow than green - Gustav rides a bike quite nicely..

Maybe because he knew he was being filmed? :-)


Wow! Great movie. Am curious to know how long it took to create and re-edit?


I think Gustav spend an hour on his bicycle filming and then several hours stitching it together in the first version. After that I spend several hours tweaking it.

Actually, several hours is an understatement. I made quite a few iterations and I probably spent +5 hours playing with it. :-) We both used ancient Pismo Powerbooks (G3, 500Mhz) which doesn't exactly expediate the process.

- ask

Glad you saw the photos on my blog. We've recently produced a couple of TV spots for our online library using Final Cut Pro. Take a look if you like:

May I send you my uncutted movies too? I have approximately 50 hours (!) to cut... :)
;) ;)

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