gnome-terminal crashed!


I can't even begin to describe how inconvenient that was. I have 6 virtual workspaces stacked with terminals open with emacs on different projects, log files tailed, odd users logged into odd places and what have you not. Bang. Gone. Like having Java enabled under Netscape 4.0.

I guess this makes it a good time to install the new fast CD-RW I bought in December but haven't installed because I'd have to close all my windows and reboot. Hmn... Sucks anyway. Piece of shit linux box. I'm sure it's just a few years ago something like this last happened.

Yes yes, I know it's all quite insignificant compared to the space shuttle, to the hundreds killed in traffic today and to the 40 people murdered today (and that's of course only counting in the US).

I'm a small person. I have small problems.


And in relation to an emerging war this are tiny problems!

That's why you should not bother with graphical whangdoodles, but instead run screen(1) on a rock-solid box.

Yeah, I have to agree with Jarkko on this one. You need screen. :-)

Yeah, you need something allright. Screen and rxvt are good choices.
And if you must use a whangdoodle, then maybe multi-gnome-terminal would suit you better.

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