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Apple announced a new browser, Safari today. I am trying it out now. I don't like the brushed metal look and it doesn't seem that much faster than Chimera. And where are my tabs? Uh, and 17" Powerbook. Wow. And 12"!. Hmmmnnn. Time to change the order? Gah, not having tabs in this browser is completely unbearable.

Time to go and try out the new iTunes. No Final Cut Pro 4, but instead Final Cut Express for $299.

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Brushed Metal Safari from Just a Few More Minutes on March 11, 2003 1:47 PM

That sounds like a bad album title, doesn't it? So there are a bunch of browser choices available for Mac Read More


Don't like brushed metal look? Do something about is with this fix from Joakim. It came out 30 minutes after Safara:


That looks like an older beta, no? And brushed or non-brushed I can't browse with no tabs. :-)

Yeah, I was going to tell you that ordering before a macworld in january is just asking for post-coital purchase frustration :) Bastards finally make the powerbook I've been wanting for 2 years just before I leave the country just to taunt me :)

Being able to get a G4 based iBook (uhmm.. 12" PowerBook) is a dream come true! Now only if we
can get rack mountable G4s.

Uhmn, isn't the Xserve a rack mountable G4?

I really want the 15" size, but I also want Bluetooth and 802.11g so I am thinking about getting the 17". Hmmnnn... The DVD-R in the 17" burns faster too.

- ask

Uhmn, isn't the Xserve a rack mountable G4?

Well, yes. :) But, I would like a rack mountable
PowerMac G4 with access to full PCI slots, etc.
So, exact PowerMac G4 hardware in a 4RU (or less)
rack case.

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