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NetNewsWireBrent has released the first NetNewsWire Pro Beta. I have been ing the alphas and it's just awesome. Even the first alpha some weeks ago was great and Brent just keeps improving it. Lots of spiffy features. A find command. AppleScript support. A notepad to, er, make notes about things you want to post and an Weblog editor supporting lots of weblog systems. Several I didn't even know about!

Train commuters will enjoy that the Pro version stores headlines between runs, so you can refresh before heading out and read news on the train.


How were you seeing the alphas? He hadn't announced them, that I saw, on the NNW yahoo!group, which is where the NNWL alphas all got announced...

It was a closed alpha with a dozen of people or so. Brent probably selected the victims for punishment based on who had been nagging him most about features that would be in the Pro version. :-) There is a new nnwbeta mailinglist, go and sign up if you want to report more bugs or nag for more features. :-)

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