Uhmn, Cooking. Real. Food.

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I haven't been very good about eating since Viridiana started at UCSD some weeks ago. Sure, I eat. I've made smoothies of anything fruitlike I could find, chop and freeze. I have been eating icecream. More fruit. A sandwich. Gorditas. Salads. No pizza, I think. Corn flakes. Yoghurt. Gorditas. GaJols. In fact so many of those that I ran out; but my dad sent me like 200 packages from Denmark which I should receive any day now.

I had a really slow day today. ETOOTIRED. I hate being too tired. Everything just turns into a big waste of time.

Too hungry too. So for the first in what seems longer than it propably is, I went to the store and bougth vegetables, and a bunch of other stuff. I almost went to bed instead of cooking it though, but I am so happy that I didn't. It Feels Really Good having had nice fresh food. And pasta as usual. "Linguine fini" today.

Is it a bad sign when the tomatoes on your tomato plants looks like dried tomatoes? What do you say? You don't make sundried tomatoes by killing the plants? Anyway, I gave them water today. If nothing else then because I otherwise will run out of fresh basil.

Okay, I am rambling, sleepy time.

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Looks good to me (picture). If you're 'peanuts' resistant, you definitely should make a spicy peanut sauce with that.

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