American Spammer to pay $1000 per spam he sends

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This is really old news, but I just saw it (via Dave Cross who works for the plaintiff of the case).

BiblioTechsued an American spammer who had used one of their domain names in his spam. Now (or really since the case ended two years ago :-) ) he is banned from sending spam and he has to pay $1000 to any future "victims". They also made him pay their legal costs. Very cool. He had offered a settlement earlier, but BiblioTech refused as he didn't promise to never send spam again. I don't know what kind of legal advice BiblioTech is getting, but I wish more companies would get it. ("go for it;it will make the world a better place on some scale!")

BiblioTech also made a page about the case.

(Via Dave Cross)

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