sunI went to bed late last night, but woke up an hour ago anyway. First I thought "not enough sleep. want more sleep", but quickly I realized that it was not going to work. The air is thick from heat.

The Yahoo Weather says it'll just be up to 30°. It would be nice if it was that cool, because it is 36° celcius now (that's 97° for you Americans). Too Hot! I better go and water my poor plants outside.

We've had a week or so with cooler weather. Clouds and everything. It was nice. "Clouds, clouds, please come back now!"

Anyone know a good rain dance?


You need a couple of snakes I hear, but the Hopi Rain Snake Dance should be sufficient. (http://twm.co.nz/hopi_rain.html )

Good luck ;-),


It's damned hot here today also. And that sucks 'cause I've got a lot of stuff to do, but it's difficult to motivate myself... Grr.

Likewise here. The temperature according to yahoo weather topped around 38° (100 fahrenheit). I suspect it's warmer inside my apartment though; thin roof, direct sunlight, you get the idea...

My newest computer makes an alarm when the CPU temperature goes above 70° celcius. It did that all the time, so I ended up just turning it off and sitting in cold water in the bath half the afternoon. It's getting a bit better now fortunately ... Finally...

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