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pagerankMark Pilgrim writes in Google is a harsh mistress about people loosing their good google rankings. My old page used to be number 3 in a search for Ask. That's right; just after those losers with my domain. Now it's not even on the first page.

A few days ago I got two thousand hits from people searching for Apple Switch Parody. And people keep finding my site and some odd discussion about when they search for Blackhawk Down.

As others have said before; google really likes weblogs. I frequently find my page highly ranked for a week or so after writing about anything. After USA Today got hacked my note on it was number two or so for a few weeks. Odd, but fun.

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Are you knocking our Black Hawk Down Debate?

And where is your link to it?!?!?!?

There is no way to get to it from your site.

For those interested in joining it the address is


And put your reading glasses on.

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