Open Source in Peru (and Janus in Bolivia)


bolivia.gifMy good friend Janus is in Bolivia and he writes for a danish news paper about
Peruvian(sp?) governement talks about prefering open source over MSFT. Peru? Bolvia? Huh? Okay, so he wrote the article before he left, the editor was just slow picking it up.

Janus should really really really do a weblog from Bolivia; he is going to be there for almost 6 months! His pathetic website is all empty. His email is janus at janus dk if you want to tell him so. Or if you are in Bolivia and want to meet. I'm sure he would have fun meeting up with any Linux and Open Source geeks there. :-)

And Gustav started some studies at RUC. Nutty people all around me!


Okay.. okay. Have a look at

Not much yet, but it's coming..


Actually, Peru´s government has lost momentum in this move towards open source. Remember there was a government change recently. The new one is not so keen in changing MSFT to LINUX. Don't know eactly the reason but I suppose its just a matter of lobbying. The new guys don't know anything about the real and huge advantages of open source. I suppose that it also has to do with fees. Its much easier to get kickbacks from things that are more expensive!

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