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From a qmail log, trying to send a 1204 byte mail.
2002-07-31 21:16:05.536651500 delivery 1500: deferral: Connected to but sender was rejected./Remote host said: 452 Out of memory/

It's fair to run out of memory; but not on a 1KB mail. And not repeatedly.


$ host


I guess this means the FreeBSD-to-Windows transition is complete.

Oh, and qmail rocks. My former employer was doing 8 million 20k emails a day on three relatively mundane Intel boxes.

what is this Hotmail site you speak of and what is this hotmail fun?

I have a server that is sending (spewing?) a lot of traffic all day long to that hotmail server, and when I do a search on google for the server, everyone points to this log entry on your site


i love hotmail but i wish that it wasnt easy to find out my password bcoz evry1 keeps changing it.i love u from the dog(deniece pond)

hallo bjørn my e-mail dosn't work why?

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