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Yay. New Chimera 0.4 and at OSCON Rael mentioned NetNewsWire (although I forgot the name until Jim kindly reminded me; thanks Jim!)

The new Chimera is much smoother than 0.3 and NetNewsWire surely beats opening a billion tabs in Mozilla. It seems more and more likely that I'll replace the Linux desktop with a Mac .... :-)

In similar news Mark talks about a friend having trouble installing Movable Type. Mark, I'm sure Ben would fix it if your friend would tell them what made the installation fail. And for easy Linux installs; RedHat and SuSE seems to be the leader in reliable and easy Linux installs. I'm pretty happy with RedHat for my needs. And if you have a pile of servers; an "enterprise account" at RedHat Network rocks. (Although it might be expensive).

Update: Gah, Microsoft are really really not good at making software work on unix...


NetNewsWire rocks. I picked that up while @ OSCON as well, and it's now a part of my daily life. ;-)

yeah, it's really neat. I wish he won't add a bunch of new features or problem domains to the program. It's great as it is.

Good news: burn less time keeping up.
Bad news: notice how many things you read don't have a RSS feed.

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