OSCON: Targeting Parrot

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Leon is making a great presentation on how to make programs for parrot. Larry, Damian, Chip, Allison Randal and Dan Sugalski are here too. Dan is answering questions when Leon has to draw a blank.

We are being told that it will be really easy to use Parrot as your VM if you are writing a dynamic language. And it'll be really easy to extend parrot. Exceptions are almost, but not quite, finished. We have a parrot debugger, pdb. Or you can trace with ./parrot -t run.pbc. Or you can use gdb to debug the parrot internals. Or print statements, "like the rest of us". Things still needs to be added: complete symbol tables, classes and objects, Async IO, more documentation.

"Keep up to date by reading perl6-internals or the Perl 6 summary".

Leon finished in just 30 minutes; great. Questions now ... Dan goes up to answer. :)

In other news then I'm glad I didn't go to the NetTopBox talk after reading Aaron's transcript and Leon's comments.

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