OSCON, Day 1, Part II

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Aaarrgh, I can not fall asleep at all. Gaaaah!

Except for visiting mjd's regexp tutorial to take photos I still haven't been in a session at all.

Around 6pm people were meeting up for dinner. Our little group quickly escalated into a larger group and morphed with another group or probably rather groups. So suddenly we were standing with ~20 other people with vague plans. Shuttle bus came. Eh, no. The little shuttle bus came. The little shuttle bus is a bit smaller than your average suburban minivan here in southern california, so obviously that didn't work so well. The driver said he would come right back though... Hhhmn... Vivek Khera chimes in that the "real" bus goes from the other side of the building, so some of us go over there. "It'll be here in just 10 minutes" we hear. She didn't sound too sure though. Anyway, Robert and I both have our cars here, so some of us went to just drive somewhere. (I think "we" were Tim, Ken, Robert, Vivek, Eric Cholet, Bill Moseley, Cindy, ... and a few more. My memory fails me horribly!)

We went to some place by the water. The food was decent and the conversation was good, so it was great. We got back just in time for some of us to catch the ending of the Perl Documentation Project BOF. We hung around afterwards there and talked about about the perl foundation, legal issues with the project and various other things. It was fun. I was getting really really tired though and went to my room to sleep not much later. That's almost 6 hours ago. Grrrrh...

I'll try sleeping again now... Good night. ZzzzzZZz...

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