OSCON, Day 1, Monday

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I arrived yesterday after driving about 2 hours. That's a nice thing about the conference being in San Diego; for me anyway. :-)

My hotel room is on 11th floor (East tower) with a few over the Bay and downtown San Diego, it's actually really pretty. I must remember to take photos. Yesterday at night and earlier this morning I had internet access through some friendly accesspoint called "Wireless". It's gone now though. I can sorta, almost, nearly see the "oreilly" network, and if I walk down the hall I can see "ingynet" (Brian Ingy Ingerson's, I presume). But that doesn't help me much in my room,
so the hotel is now getting $12 to get me 24 hours access. Of course I put up my access point, so fellow attendants nearby my room can share.

I stayed up a bit too late yesterday in the bar hanging out with Ken Williams, Jan Dubois, Jesse Vincent and lots others. As Dave Cross (I think it was) wrote, when you sit in the bar at the perl conference, eventually the whole perl world will pass by.

I didn't get up out of my room until past noon when I walked down to the lunch tent and found Tim Bunce, Robert Spier, Ken and others. Robert took some photos with my camera. The food is much improved from last year; great! In particular the desserts were good. To Ken's amusement I had three slices of the fruitcake. Uuuuhmn.

Afterwards I walked around the corridors and into mjd's regexp tutorial briefly to take photos. I will get them up soon, maybe at photo.perl.org or something like that. We could collect photos from everyone who wants to contribute.

Now I'm back in my room and is supposed to make more slides for my talk. Gah.

(doh, MacStumbler just said "diiing" because the "Wireless" network from my friendly neighbor is back. I could have saved $12! Or he could have. Oh well).

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