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This is my trackback ping entry. :-)

Jonas wrote in a comment that Trackback doesn't work on my site. Maybe Jeremy can it for me. I'll ping his MT now so he'll notice. :-)

Update: Seems like it works. We pinged back and forth like the geeks we obviously are. I'm so geeky that I almost regret that I backdated this entry to hide it a bit.

Update 2 (August 31): Rael implemented trackbacks for Blosxom.

4 TrackBacks

Testing Trackback from Jeremy Zawodny's blog on July 12, 2002 6:30 PM

I'm just testing Trackback to see if I set it up right in MT. Can someone else with an MT Read More

wihle everyone\'s testing... this is a hombrew implementation of TB in php. Now how geeky is that? Read More

Working on a *really* standalone (i.e., command-line) trackback ping script. Read More

Python Test from Matt Croydon::Postneo on January 22, 2003 1:07 PM

I'm testing my Python TracbBack implementation... Read More


I am sure it is just me being wonky. I tried to make an entry on my site using the Bookmarklets while reading your post. From the documentation I understand that I should be able to choose which entry on your page I want to ping, but this option didn't show up. I am sure that if I ping the URL directly It'll work just fine.

You should be able to find the trackback url by clicking on the "trackback" link. :-)

Seems to work just fine - I see your trackback in my blog... not that I'm totally confident with the feature yet...

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