Minority Report


We went to see Minority Report some days ago.

Tom Cruise is heading the pre-crime unit, catching criminals before they commit their crimes. Are they criminals then? What does Cruise's character think of the system when it tells that he is about to commit murder? I read somewhere that the Bush administration is using the word pre-crime now...

The year is 2054. The universe is a bit like the world in Bladerunner; but a bit brighter and more optimistic (Think more suburbia with green lawns and malls). I liked all the small details put into "how our future will look". I liked how they operated computers with hand waving; like external storage for your brain.

I didn't like the very much in your face product placements. It was pretty bad. I was mildly disappointed about how they handled some of the plot twists. "Uh, so he was just out of the blue not the bad guy anyway. Okay." And of course Spielberg has to finish the movie with sugar on the top; just to make sure everyone knows it's a happy ending. Puke.

But all in all the movie is very enjoyable. Go watch it.


Minor Spoiler: When Tom Cruise's wife was visiting the Pre-Crime head's office (after Cruise is incarcerated) I kept having this vision of her being a red-ball, with the ending being that she ends up in the cryotube right above him in that facility.

Then I remembered it was a Spielberg flick, not a Kubrick flick. :-)

Mini Spoiler: Hehe, that would have been great! :-)
I would have liked him to end the movie right before the final shooting; or at least right after.

Tom Cruise's set up "murder".. when the pre-cogs predicted it, was the ball red or brown? because if it was red, it shouldnt have given cruise and the rest of the pre-crime guys so much notice.. because red balls are "passion crimes" which only give minutes notice

whereas if it was brown, cruise didnt premeditate the murder..

is it just me, or is this wrong either way?
ive only seen it once.. so you never know

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