Andersen & Enron

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Andersen staff thought shredding met policy
Andersen's policy? I am sure the IRS will be happy to send them a little folder where it explains what you are required to keep and for how long.

Enron IT: A Tale of Excess and Chaos - CIO Executive Research Center
"Enron's fragmented business units spent money on technology like there was no tomorrow. And now there isn't.". Really! Actually, it's an interesting tale about why it isn't such a bad thing to fill out a form from the Department of Records and then wait for the Ministry of Information to get a new computer. (Guess a movie)

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With the newest developments occuring with Worldcom and 60 minutes II story on the Baptist retirement fund, Andersen is looking more shady and lose with its regulations than ever before. I hoped that Andersen could survive the Enron situation. However I believe there is a moral void in its leadership which could can only be purged with a dramatic end to the company. We must make an example of this criminal element to ensure enforcement of the laws.

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