Real World Web: Performance & Scalability, MySQL Edition

In exactly two months - April 14th - I'm doing a scalability tutorial at the MySQL conference.

It'll, of course, be based on the material I've been throwing around since 2001, but once again it's greatly expanded, extended and improved! It should be lots of fun.

I've yet to hear anyone tell me that they wasted their time with this particular session and I don't think people are just being polite because I'm often told that people find it tremendously useful. So go sign up already. And don't pay any attention to Brian Aker and dormando's shiny memcached tutorial going on at the same time. I promise I'll cover memcached, too. :-) Speaking of Alan Kasindorf (aka Dormando) he had a most excellent post about how to run your systems recently!

O'Reilly sent me a discount code to hand out to "friends and colleagues". I'm not sure what they mean by that. Can I post it here? If you read my drivel, surely you must be a friend. If you are interested in the session in the first place, surely you are some kind of colleague. To be safe however I won't post it here. If you want 20% off for the MySQL Conference send me an email.

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