Spam up, news at 11


Lots of people have told anecdotes lately that "there is more spam". Indeed there is! My modest spam trap (I haven't done much to get it junk) got about a million spams the last ~month. Geez. (I found out because the server ran out of space - oops).



I came across your Site while searching for a Perl Scripter in NY, NY, please let me know if you or anyone you know is available.

You will receive a bonus of up to $2000 cash if we place a consultant that you referred. Please feel free to take a look at my LinkedIn profile for a reference.

Also if you have any staffing needs, I am at your service.



Core Skill Set - Perl scripting and exchange resource
Anticipate Start Date - ASAP
Duration - 12 months
Project Description - someone who can write scripts against exchange messaging so no messages will get dropped

DETAILED JOB DESCRIPTION: Due to compliancy issues, Client needs to ensure that no email was being dropped, bounced back, caught in a routing loop etc during specified time frames. Client has devised high level solution that involves using PERL scripting against Exchange transaction logs. Candidate would need to be a strong PERL scripter/developer. Other skill sets: Exchange and Active Directory (purely from understanding how to develop against - they don't need to know these products from an infrastructure perspective); Environment is Wintel…so experience there is important (vice experience only in a Unix environment).

dear Bjorn, very nice your Metamark site and service, but some people is ending malicious notes with it, please stop this guys that are using this addresses:

The surge is apparently due to a Russian botnet.

So what do you use for your anti-spam? I'm trailing POPfile myself and have had mixed results....

Celio: (they were taken care of a long time ago, thanks!) Please email that sort of thing in the future.

Paul: Our primary defense is Qpsmtpd -

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