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More fire pictures

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In the late afternoon it seemed, judging from the smoke, like the fire was Quite Under Control (and apparently it was). As the sun set the fire flared up and in the dark it looked pretty darn scary as it crept over the hill ridges. We got MythTV to play the news, so we had the surreal experience of watching the news on the little screen and out the big screen that is our window...

Watching the fire in stereo

I added a few more pictures to the Griffith Park Fire set on Flickr. Big flames (large), the Observatory, in the dark.

Fire in Griffith Park

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Vani called and asked if I had seen the fire. "What fire?". "Look straight out the window!" "Oh... I see it."

Helicopter going to the fire

It was started by an idiot arsonist according to the news. More pictures, in particular this one is pretty neat. Or maybe I just think the helicopters are cool. And so small...

update: more photos.

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