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The new SPF

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This is excellent news, SPF and Microsoft Caller-ID is converging. I haven't looked too much into the details, but from a quick glance it's looking great. Instead of SRS (the funny rewriting of the envelope sender) we'll get a new header to add when a mail is being forwarded. I never thought SPF was quite done and was a bit disappointed it was being pushed as "good enough" to get adaptation sooner rather than getting it a bit better first, so I am very excited about this. The new SPF will have a much better chance of widespread use.


Meng Wong made a slideshow of the new SPF

From Joel Spolsky's foreword to coder to developer.

There's something weird about software development, some mystical quality, that makes all kinds of people think they know how to do it. I've worked at dotcom-type companies full of liberal arts majors with no software experience or training who nevertheless were convinced that they knew how to manage software teams and design user interfaces. This is weird, because nobody thinks they know how to remove a burst appendix, or rebuild a car engine, unless they actually know how to do it, but for some reason there are all these people floating around who think they know everything there is to know about software development.

About three months ago "Wp-email Services Bundoora" took $4 from one of my credit cards. I didn't remember what that could have been, googled it and didn't find anything so off to be disputed it went. I got my $4 back, but of course I should have put it on the weblog here so others in the same situation can find out about it. Or maybe someone can comment and tell me who they are? I'd have to have disputed a transaction I actually made.

World of Ends

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There are mistakes and there are mistakes.

Some mistakes we learn from. For example: Thinking that selling toys for pets on the Web is a great way to get rich. We're not going to do that again.

Other mistakes we insist on making over and over. For example, thinking that [...]

Read World of Ends, from the people who brought us the cluetrain manifesto.

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