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Fish at the night market in KajangFirst: I love Flickr. It's almost the perfect "photo gallery" for me.

One of the things I really really would like would be some simple stats so I could find out how more than 3000 people ended up seeing say my photo of the New York skyline. I linked to it from this weblog, but it only counts people who click on the photo and it can't be more than a few hundred. Or five hundred. Or a thousand.

I don't know exactly, but I do know that it's not 3000 so most of them must come from somewhere else. Where? Who linked to the photo, and more importantly: What did they say about it? Why can't I get my feedback?

I realize it'd be a lot of extra data in their MySQL databases, but it could be done in a simple way. I don't need exact science, just a few pointers ... In particular if the photo has had an "interestingness rating" that brought the visitors from the explorer then it should be reasonably easy to somehow mark it so I'd know and could be proud.

Another one: More than a thousand people saw my cliché sunrise over Los Angeles photo. How did they end up doing that?!

ps. Oh, I also want Flickr to pre-process larger versions to be downloaded.

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