Buy our Squeezebox!



Lucky you, you can Buy our Squeezebox!

Apologies for the lack of updates to my thousands of daily readers (according to awstats; I've no idea if that's accurate). More stuff will come soon...

By the way - OS X software update got itself unstuck around when the new Aperture update came out, so that was handy - and as a bonus the .Mac sync stuff stopped being an idiot for now. Yay. (I'm still not going to renew if I can find good replacements the iDisk and for syncing the addressbook (etc).


What music-solution do you have now, since your squeeze box is for sale?

Best, Kaare

Ironically we're selling this SB because we wanted to use *a* SB.

It turns out this version of the SqueezeBox doesn't support WPA encryption and I wanted to put it somewhere we don't have ethernet and I didn't want to change our wireless encryption to WEP (which it does support). (The newer versions do support WPA, so I bought one of those and we use it daily).

- ask

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