I'm okay, you're okay...


Cooking on our little charcoal grillActually, I've no idea if you are okay and I'm not entirely sure if I am, but I think I am getting there.

I haven't posted anything since last week about the CT scan, oops. Way to leave you on a cliff-hanger, dear reader. Sorry about that.

I have been doing much better. On the 4th I was even grilling a bit without clumsily ruining too much food or burning anything down. My headaches are going away and I only get the dizzy spells when I move much too fast, look up or try doing too much when I'm too tired.

I still do lots of sleeping, napping and resting (and laying awake at night being tired but not falling asleep which of course doesn't help the next day, grrh), but I don't feel completely exhausted all day anymore. Yay.


Glad to hear that you're okay. I found it odd to see your mailing list messages posted at around 3 AM. :-)

Did you get a diagnosis after that CAT scan? Also were you able to get a copy of the scans?

Take care,

BTW, TypeKey login doesn't work for me, I get: "TypeKey has encountered an error. The requested page could not be found or the requested action could not be completed. Please check the URL carefully and try again. If you accessed this page from an email, make sure you cut and pasted the URL accurately."

Hey, Who are you guys? What do you do? Is this a help-line type of thing? Is this a penpal type of thing? Who got the catscan? I'm an EMT in Florida. Can we talk?

I've got the same TypeKey problem on my blog and found your post running though Google. As I see TypeKey still does not work for you. I've just fixed the error in my MT. Read details in my blog.

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